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140-240 kg 2007
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€ 1250
Flight hours
30 h
4 years before
IT IS A WINDTECH TUAREG 43 !!!!!!! Need to sel my tandem wings in very good condition 10 hours since last check porosity more than 1000 sec lines ok ( i will post the last check in the end of the week ) very good tandem with easy launching , very good fast without trimmer and very fast with trims open The wing inflation is easy and very light When the trims are open the wing flies fast and is very stable Very good landing at the end The landing with the Tuareg needs a decisive input in the brakes to stop the wing since the stall point is quite far and the brake travel very long. A good wrap around the hands of the brake line is helpful to slow down progressively the wing and you need a long glide in the final straight line to have a smooth landing and use all the energy of the final approach WIth motor up to 360 Kg spécifications here Can send last check by email 30 euros for shipping coasts for europe